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About EGEL: Eco-Global Energy Pty Ltd

Mission and Vision of EGEL

The EGEL Mission: To scale up  the hydroxy generators, our unique product and develop the company within Australia and the region. Our product, the long life, reliable generators produce safely, large quantities of oxyhydrogen, a combustible gas, a fuel, that burns at 3000 degrees any material in its path, for the purpose of improvements for a coal fired power station and waste management plant. That is the focus of EGEL engineering services. When the hydroxy gas: H202 returns into the liquid form, it goes back to H20, just clean water, no pollution, no toxins, no byproducts.

EGEL is a Sydney based, engineering research and development company, operating in the energy sector, striving for cheaper and cleaner electrical power for the Australian household, the Australian business owner and the producer of goods  and services for the local market or for exports, so that they as a business can compete locally and in the international markets. 

The mission of EGEL is to scale up its manufacturing and compete in the Australian energy sector selling and retrofitting and maintaining hydroxy equipment, contribute in providing cleaner electricity for the end consumer, project manage start to finish the project and install EGEL proven technology for the following energy providers:  waste management power stations (polymers), natural gas power stations and for coal fired power plants. The advantages of EGEL engineering & services are: the development, the reliable design and local manufacturing, assembly, installation and ongoing maintenance  of the hydroxy generator equipment for the end user. The generators provide large quantities hydroxygen, a gas that burns at 3,000 degrees celsius

The unique EGEL hydroxy generators design provides cheap, environmentally clean, constant flow of good quality hydroxy gas (H202) required for mixing or "cooking" with traditional energy sources, gasses such as waste (waste to energy) or natural gas or coal gas and the resulting outputs are cleaner electricity for the grid, additional products and lower emissions of CO2/CO and dangerous toxins to the environment.EGEL has a proven record of safety and technical innovation comprising a great team of engineers, environmental scientist, local steel fabrication businessmen and project managers, led by the EGEL CEO and founder Spiros. The EGEL team can provide this unique product and this customised service to the client with 2 years RO from start to end and offer ongoing maintenance of our installations on site. 

EGEL Vision: No chimney Stacks - Lower pollution

 The vision of EGEL is twofold 1. cleaner environment, air, water and soil, by lowering emissions and pollutants and 2. lower base energy prices for Australia consumers and local manufacturers. EGEL can retrofit reliable, safe, long-life hydroxy generator technology to lower emissions and keep Australia competitive with base power, even if we chose to adopt long term 40%-50% renewables: wind, solar and so on. 

EGEL can long life retrofit hydroxy generators on new or existing power plants, to extract less emissions or no emissions. These are fossil fuels power stations such as coal and gas power stations and also waste to energy plants. This initiative will remove pollutants and waste from our cities and waterways and contribute to lower electrical power.

EGEL is a Sydney based, engineering company that develops and manufactures this technology locally and will export it overseas. The company is supported by a talented group of engineers, environmental scientist, fabrication businessmen and project managers.

EGEL will not achieve its long-term objectives overnight, that is lower emissions, a cleaner environment soil, air and water and cheaper electrical power for the Australian household, the Australian manufacturer, however supporting EGEL to grow is a step to the right direction for a more environmentally responsible electricity and energy production in general, towards a cleaner future.

Our initiatives for hydroxy generator retrofits will be established here and then will be exported overseas. Our efforts will lead towards a cleaner world, cleaner air, rivers and seas and cheaper energy for the households, for factories, hospitals, shopping centres and businesses small and large.

Australia does not generate electricity via nuclear plants such as France, US and Russia and does not rely heavily on hydroelectricity such as China, US, Canada and Brazil. Australia has massive coal and gas reserves and these need to be used over the next 20-50 years effectively and cleanly for the betterment of the country in a world that energy means jobs, local manufacturing and economic prosperity 

EGEL shall do its part to generate jobs and maintain manufacturing here by retrofitting hydroxy generators technology onto existing power stations. Consequently, Australia can play its role in the world for clean energy and at the same time play the world energy game according to its strengths. Australia may use renewables, wind and solar and at the same time produce clean energy from coal, gas and waste.

EGEL’s vision is to assist in the environmental cleaning of the country, the planet and also provide cheaper base power for manufacturing and jobs here in Australian. EGEL technology and services once established here will be exported overseas to assist the developed world with clean cheap energy while respecting the fragile environment, their soil, air and waterways for the generations that will follow.

As an example for replacement please consider the following:

The link below emphases the fact that the vast infrastructure already in place utilising fossil coal must now be converted and utilising EGEL’s carbon neutral technology now developed. 

This new discovery, breakthrough and this new realm of combustion technology, is proven to be viable because of the production of: 

(1) Green electrical power, 

(2) Carbon black 

(3) Oxygen

(3) Methanol 

Resulting in sequestration of all carbon dioxide that is normally vented to the atmosphere by coal fired powered stations. 

The core technology is flue less methodology is utilized and contributes to the technology and where coal is converted into coke producing coal gas having high percentages of hydrogen and methane and where the carbon dioxide from the coke fired power station is mixed with the hydroxy gas, combusted together produces flue gases that are syngas that are in acceptable parameters for the manufacture of methanol, carbon black, oxygen and generating green electrical power and sequesters all airborne carbon dioxide requiring no chimney stacks. In comparison, the inherent disadvantage of using sequestration into the earth’s crust is the high cost of pumping the carbon dioxide into the underground. In this way, the trillion-dollar infrastructure can then be utilised for power generation of green electricity.

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